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I had the opportunity to be the winner of the contest, here is a comment of my work by Stefano Egidi (VII Hills Italian Dry Gin Art Director): “Paula Ariza best interpreted the spirit of VII Hills. Even if with a pretty common idea she portrays the peculiarities of the Brand excitingly. A label of “abstractionist soul” that remembers Vasilij Kandinskij and Jackson Pollock delivering the strength of mixology at all, an original fusion of the different souls as the expression of the “mixology art” given by warm colors well melted. A careful mix of different layers that chromatically communicate the past, the present and the future of the Brand. Very interesting and remarkable use of pigments and different gradients of blacks color. Considering how the Pantone and the shapes have been applied to the label, I think the Seven Hills bottle certainly would not be unnoticed on the shelf of a Boutique Distillery.”

You can even read the article about the artwork, and find and interview the nice team made me